People's Effort Part 2

Last night we got hit with 4 inches or so of snow. Thankfully either the new gas or my dad cleaning the spark plug over the weekend worked…and the snowblower started up like a champ. As I finished up my driveway I noticed the neighbor that left the small strip of snow next to me the last snowfall – was out shoveling.

I glanced over at him and turned the snowblower the opposite way and did the other neighbor’s entire sidewalk. When I finished with that, I looked at Amy and asked her if she thought I should do the neighbor’s sidewalk on the other side (the one I have issues with) and she nodded yes and we then cleared his sidewalk as well. We got a “thank you” after it was finished, but I will not hold my breath for him to clear the foot or so of my sidewalk next time. Not everyone can sink to the levels of others – thank goodness!

People's Effort…

Sometimes I just do not get people’s effort. Some people make an effort to help out the elderly, smile, say hello, or donate to charities – all of these take little effort but go along way. Then – there are the people who seem to go out of their way not to look you in the eye, not acknowledge you, and are generally miserable. Both types of people make some sort of effort – but in opposite ways. While I may not be an optimist all the time – I will say hello to anyone and when given the chance – will help my friends/colleagues, and others when and if they need anything.

This brings me to mention my neighbor…which is driving me crazy. In Chicago we get a decent amount of snow and after growing up with a snowblower as means to clear the snow from the driveway – as soon as we bought our house – I went out and got a snowblower. When I was younger I used to always clear not only my parents’ driveway but also the neighbor’s sidewalks and sometimes driveways as well. It was a courteous thing to do – especially when they only had shovels. So back to my neighbor…in between our houses is about 15 feet of property…12 feet of that is his and three feet (one sidewalk block) is ours. Every time it has snowed in the last 3 years I have cleared our driveway and the sidewalk in front of my house to the neighbor’s driveways on both sides. The neighbors on both sides have shovels and the one neighbor I am annoyed with is older so I make sure he does not have to shovel too much. He also has a fire hydrant in front of his house so I make sure that is always clear of snow. The time it takes me to do this is very small compared to what it would take with a shovel.

Amy's size 7 shoe to show size A few days ago we got 4 inches or so of snow so I went out to clear the driveways and sidewalks and noticed that he had already been out there earlier because the entire sidewalk was clear except for a tiny strip on my property. (See picture with Amy’s size 7 sneaker in there to give you some idea of the stopped short shoveling. Yeah that is right Amy…I used your shoe. I would have used one of mine, but mine were all away in the closet and not sitting out ;)). To me – it took him more effort to stop, take a look at the property line, and then make the decision to stop there than it would have if he would have just did one more shovel scoop. I was/am completely appalled that someone that I have always been nice to and helped out over the last 3 years would make the effort to stop literally 2-3 feet short of clearing a little snow from our sidewalk. Wow. I just do not get people at all. Serenity now!

Back to the Snow

I just returned from a four day trip to FL to visit some family…and to play some golf – both which were enjoyable. I am not much of a warm weather person, but I did enjoy the break from the snow here in Chicago (the most we have seen here in ten years). I am hoping to now get caught up with work. I will note that having my iPhone with me on the trip was extremely key. Not only was I able to keep on top of most of my email, but it entertained Evan on the plane with the video iPod and photo browser capabilities without needing to open a laptop. On the golf front – I played extremely consistent and had a lot of great shots for not being out on the course since November. I feel like this is going to be the best golf year I have had in a long time if I can master my chipping! Watch out!

super snow!

We got some super snow over the last few days and I am loving it! Yesterday we got so much snow it was a two time snowblower day which is always fun. This is by far the most snow I have ever seen here (Chicago) since moving from the Buffalo area and our streets are covered and it is getting difficult to look to the left and right when pulling out of neighborhood streets because of the big snow piles. The snow is so wet and heavy (with a good inch or so of slush under it all) that the snow blower was barely making it in some deep spots…but thank goodness we have one or I would have to abandon my car and only use the Land Rover until it melted because it is too heavy to shovel.

It was nice to be able to take a break mid-day and go out with Evan for a little bit. We took him outside in his snow suit and pulled him around in his sled which he liked (when we went fast). I look forward to when he is a little older and we can build snowmen and forts together…and gang up on Amy with snowballs. 😉