Depeche Mode: Playing the Angel


There are a handful of bands/singers that I absolutely love (U2, Madonna, NIN, Paul Oakenfold, and of course Depeche Mode) and buying their albums right away is a must. Depeche Mode will always be one of my favorite bands of all times. So many of my memories growing up can easily be recounted depending on the Depeche Mode album I was listening to at the time. Seeing Depeche Mode live was my first “real” concert and thanks to a great friend and her parents that were willing to drive us three hours one way to see them…it will always be one of my favorites.
Anyway…I am thankful for any and all DM albums because there was a time when I thought we would never get any more due to Alan leaving to do solo projects, then some major drug problems, and finally more “solo” projects from Martin Gore and Dave Gahan.

The new album is a great throwback to a lot of their classic 80s work with some of their usual modern sounds of the times thrown in. I bought their album from the Apple Music Store and also grabbed their latest video for an extra $2.00. (I have always enjoyed their videos) Depeche Mode is still here! Good job guys. See you when you come to town!

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