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No, the site was not hacked, I chose to write about regular expressions. I am in my last section of my UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator training and I am equally excited about regular expressions as I was about learning subnets. I know regular expressions are very powerful, and I remember enjoying subnets after I finally figured them out, so I will give it a shot. I just feel like I did when I was forced to take world history. Anyway, I already found a useful web site that covers the basics of regular expressions that I wanted to share.

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Hints UNIX

sed and awk.

In my latest bit of training, I learned about sed and awk. sed is a line editor (stream editor) (scripting with ed). awk is a pattern-directed scanning and processing language and divides each line to fields by separating words by spaces or other specified field separators. Some tidbits about using sed to quickly edit files: […]


beautiful desktop pictures.

There are some days when I cannot work until I am happy with my desktop picture. I have been known to scour certain web sites for the perfect desktop picture and I like to think I am familiar with the top desktop picture web sites (per my taste) but I was stunned to find a […]