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Well. Today I relived my college days as a student taking Math 110 (Business Calculus). I felt like I understood…so much that I thought I got a 90% or above on the exam…then reality would set in and I would get a 47%. Welcome to 2004, Networking/DNS now replaces Math 110…and I am stuck on trying to understand subnets. All day long tryng to figure all this out…but I have to say, I stumbled upon a great resource, and the reason for my posting: I hope others can benefit from this great resource like I did. I look forward to getting the last bit of the equation so I fully understand these crazy things called subnet. Until then, I am burnt out.

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Hole in One!

Well, I had the pleasure of witnessing my friend’s first hole in one on Sunday November 31, 2004. Congratulations Doug! On another note, check this out: Perhaps a good investiment for me since I seem to attact interesting people.


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