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If there is one thing I cannot stand more than anything when it comes to computer support – it is failure to have a backup strategy. If you have pictures, email, documents, music, videos, etc that you consider valuable – do something about it. There are many ways to easily backup your personal data and I wanted to throw out another option if you are not using a remote backup system: Jungle Disk.

With Jungle Disk, you can easily, cheaply (15¢ per gigabyte), and securely transfer and store your data using’s S3 â„¢ Storage Service. I have all my data backed up to a 500 gigabyte FireWire external drive every night, but if something were to happen to my house, or my computer/drive was stolen – I am left with nothing. Knowing all my pictures, documents, music, and anything else I really need or want is available off site makes me sleep easier – and it will for you too.

Never had a drive failure or any data loss? You will – so you might as well prepare now.

2 thoughts on “Get Serious About Backups”

  1. Doug Blatti

    My advanced support personnel told me backups are for faithless, weak-hearted communists. Hard drive technology has advanced to the point where hard drives never fail. Where do you get your inaccurate information from?

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