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I recently picked out and bought a desk for my office from Room and Board. The desk was delivered to my house yesterday and I could not be any happier with the experience. Since I am in the service business myself, I am always appreciative of great customer service and wanted to share my experience.

After the delivery, I got an email from a Room and Board employee:

Checking in with you to make sure that you are pleased with your purchase.
If there is anything that I can assist you with, please let me know.
Thank you for shopping at Room and Board.

Since I have been extremely satisfied, I decided to let them know by replying back to the email:

Hello. Thanks for checking in. I have been a Room and Board fan since the day I walked in your showroom in Wilmette. I have been extremely happy with your company’s service throughout the entire process. Your web site is easy to use, the people I spoke with at the warehouse were nice and the delivery men were very courteous and on time. I love the desk and look forward to complimenting it with other pieces in the near future.

Overall, the quality of the actual desk is great and expected, but what was not expected was to be treated so well. I am definitely a customer for life.

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