Over a Month Solo Now


It has officially been over a month since I left my full time job to focus solely on my consulting company and I wanted to take a moment to thank a few key people. First and foremost I would like to thank Amy and our families for believing me in and never questioning my decision. I would also like to thank Alex King for helping me grow my business and for also for his amazing Tasks Pro software which helps me manage my time and my clients. I also want to thank Doug for making me see the light, and Ken for having confidence in me. In the past month I have worked with a number of clients on some amazing projects and I am very excited to work with such a diverse group of individuals. Every day I wake up feeling fortunate to spend my day helping people who appreciate what I have to offer and am extremely glad I FINALLY made the move.

2 thoughts on “Over a Month Solo Now”

  1. Doug Blatti

    No problem! People who are talented like me shouldn’t have deal with all that garbage. Oh yeah, I guess that applies to you too.

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