My Mention on TechCrunch

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A few weeks back I got a call from a client I had worked with in the past. I did not realize he was the COO at TechCrunch at the time – but I was glad I could help!

For those of you in my life who have no idea what I do (most of my friends and family) – here is a taste:

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Fix for Bold Fonts Looking Bolder in Chrome

If you noticed your fonts in Chrome looking more bold in Chrome than Safari – there is an easy fix. Add this in to your stylesheet (body or specific CSS class/ID): Example: h1 {-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;} You can see the difference: Before: After:

Crazy Signs/Places

Cold Day?

On out way to the zoo yesterday – I saw this sign (note it is from a Science/Math Academy) showing the temperature at -196F. I was warm enough I did not have a jacket on. Perhaps this is some of the “fake news”? (Made me laugh)