Jappler Recommends: Room & Board (Store).


DeskI have always been a fan of Room & Board furniture. Clean lines, quality materials, and a great showroom and web site. I am at a point where my current desk has seen better days so I decided to finally look at new desks. I wanted something simple, good looking, and well built. I looked at several stores but kept coming back to Room & Board and finally chose: The Lasalle desk. Funny – my favorite desk of all times was located in an office I worked at on LaSalle street (see photo). What is going on in that picture? We were so cramped in our office, I decided that we could make desks out of old boxes for new employees, and I decided to model them. If you like clean lines and great furniture – check out Room & Board.


Cool "Green" House

I have been enjoying Amanda Congdon via video for a few years now and recently she did an awesome interview about with an owner/builder of an amazing “green” house. If you have any interest in the environment and being more “green”, check out her video!

Web Development WordPress

wordpress update notification to the rescue.

I was working on a project for a client and downloaded a plugin that was advertised to do the exact thing I needed – but when I installed it on my development server (still running 2.2 for this client) the plugin did not work. After spending time trying to figure out what the issue was, […]