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I know I reference several web pages, blog posts, etc but if you only one of my links this entire year…do yourself a favor and read O’Reilly’s article on web 2.0 “What Is Web 2.0. If you decide to follow two links, check out the other web 2.0 article: “The Hype and the Hullabaloo of Web 2.0. You will soon notice in the next few weeks/months that I will be transforming jappler.com into a more web 2.0 environment. For now…I have moved to an AJAX based calendar and started using technorati tags. Up next…content rethought.

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Content Management Systems WordPress

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I have been using open source solutions for over seven years now. (my first open source experience was with mailman and then ht://dig and squirrelmail soon after – all of which I still use today) I made it a priority to get involved with at least one open source project this year, and to start […]

Serenity Now!

installing solaris 10, part 3.

Finally! (See part 1 and part 2) I have been wanting to check out Solaris for a few years, and now I have a fully functional system at home! Of course there were several roadblocks. CD errors. Drive space issues. Questions like: How do I boot from a CD? How do I format the hardrive? […]