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The perfectionist in me wants to wait to introduce a new design, etc until everything is perfectly in place. But recently, I was reminded that “real artists ship“.

I am starting to get more consulting business and I was unhappy with my business web site design. It was dark, uninviting, and just felt heavy. I needed something lighter, brighter, and in typical Jen factor…minimal. Enter the latest design: SDAC Inc. I still have a lot to do…a lot of rewriting of text, adding more graphics to bring more interest in, and to convert my Photoshoped header into bits and pieces controlled completely by CSS, but I had to take a good look at my priorities.

Usually when people procrastinate, they surf the web, clean, etc, but me…when I get really busy, I redesign. When I have a big design project coming up, I instantly look at my web sites and look to see what I can redo. Once I got several hours into this redesign, I realized I had to cut back on some of the things I wanted to implement because it was more important that I get a new design out there than have the same design with 4x the time put in to make everything perfect.

When I go out, I go all out. Not only did I redo the entire design, I also moved my site from XOOPS to WordPress. XOOPS was overkill, and let’s face it…I love WordPress.

I learned a good lesson from this whole experience…put something out there, then improve on it later instead of holding out for days/weeks.

2 thoughts on “Real Artists Ship”

  1. reidameyer

    real artists ship? where’d you hear that? God knows our mutual favorite artists ship on basis that approaches 4 times per decade….

    hope you are well – enjoying nosing around your site while i should be working!

  2. jenz

    Long time no talk! Thanks for stopping by 😉 4 times a decade isn’t too bad..especially at the quality we have seen over the years. Don’t be a stranger!

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