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You know the drill…one link leads to another and then to another until I stumbled onto Scott Johnson’s blog. One of his blog posts mentioned wanting some resumes for some CSS contract work so since I have some extra time, I decided to send him a copy of my resume and portfolio…and I am happy to say that I will be helping out with his newest startup: Ookles. If you have not heard of Ookles yet, I encourage you to sign up on the Ookles web site so you will be notified when the the company is out of stealth mode. Exciting stuff ahead!

On another note, I have begun rethinking and mentally re-arranging jappler.com. Time to take my personal web site to the next step and use some really cool technology. First up: the sections. I am planning on combining some and adding others. I also need to make the home page more portal like instead of having static content that no one really cares about. I also have some minor interface tweaks in mind (time to learn and implemet some AJAX goodies. Stay tuned!
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3 thoughts on “web development fun.”

  1. Dewayne Mikkelson

    Congratulations, I am sure you are heading into a wonderful, rewarding and exciting time, Scott Johnson has done and continues to do some wonderful work on the web!

  2. jenz

    Thanks. I am very happy to be working with Scott! I have already been introduced to so many cool people and resources.

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