Moving Everything to Amazon S3

Web Development

Over the weekend I decided to move all my media to Amazon S3 for the majority of my personal sites. I have been using Amazon S3 now for a few years with my backups and have made the transition from local media > Amazon S3 for multiple clients. Everyone has been happy and the load times/cost has proven itself.

I run WordPress Multisite so things were a little more complicated when migrating the content – but I finally have everything in place. Plugins I used:

  • Amazon S3 – Gives you the ability to upload all new media to Amazon.
  • CDN Sync Tool – Synced all of my media files from my local install to Amazon
  • WP Super Cache – Makes sure all my theme/media files are served using the CDN

If you are looking for some speed improvements as well as a better backup/file strategy – consider doing the same!

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