it's a boy!

I have decided to finally share some awesome news…my partner and I are expecting a baby and being who I am and doing what I do, I have decided to create a web site for my soon to be child so that I can share all the information with my family and friends since many of you/them live so far away. I did not want to be “that parent” who sent billboard sized pictures, or who made you sign up for some photo sharing web site in which you never remembered your user name and password. I am still finalizing a few of the plugins and most of the content, but without further ado, check out Evan’s web site. No need to point out any issues…I know what they are and I will be addressing them one at a time. I wanted to get this out sooner in order to start blogging/post pictures, etc. Anyone can have a blog 😉
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2 thoughts on “it's a boy!”

  1. DadM

    Really COOL! I almost emailed the other day about the suspense of your previous email. Little did I suspect that this is what it would be!


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