Asset Management with ResourceSpace

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This is a follow-up post to my post: Asset Management. I spent an exciting Friday night going through the config, learning the workflow, setting up accounts, and getting to know everything that ResourceSpace has to offer. After a few hours of playing around and applying various customizations (with ease) I am sold on using ResourceSpace for asset management.

What I like about ResourceSpace:

  • It has good documentation – both in the code as well as in a wiki
  • It is easy to customize both in look and feel as well as configuring admin options
  • It has been well thought out and has just about everything you could want (users/groups/fine access control/flash uploads for multiple uploads, contact sheet creation on the fly, etc

What I do not like about ResourceSpace:

  • They use frames
  • The layout is liquid vs. fixed (I am a fixed layout kind of person

The dislikes are minor in the grand scheme of things. Overall – I am excited I gave this a try and look forward to adding and archiving projects in here in the future.

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