Asset Management with ResourceSpace

This is a follow-up post to my post: Asset Management. I spent an exciting Friday night going through the config, learning the workflow, setting up accounts, and getting to know everything that ResourceSpace has to offer. After a few hours of playing around and applying various customizations (with ease) I am sold on using ResourceSpace for asset management.

What I like about ResourceSpace:

  • It has good documentation – both in the code as well as in a wiki
  • It is easy to customize both in look and feel as well as configuring admin options
  • It has been well thought out and has just about everything you could want (users/groups/fine access control/flash uploads for multiple uploads, contact sheet creation on the fly, etc

What I do not like about ResourceSpace:

  • They use frames
  • The layout is liquid vs. fixed (I am a fixed layout kind of person

The dislikes are minor in the grand scheme of things. Overall – I am excited I gave this a try and look forward to adding and archiving projects in here in the future.

Asset Management

I spent a few hours this past week thinking about “the big picture” for my company. I decided to focus a good chunk of time this month on improving workflow and streamlining certain tasks and processes. One process that I am going to tackle is asset management. Our designers/clients send a barrage of email with large files attached, use my company FTP server to host them, or send them using third party file hosting services. While the files are sent and archived – there is no central place for them and I am constantly looking everywhere for them. After doing some quick research – I found “ResourceSpace which seems to do everything I am looking for:

  • Web interface
  • Create users and user groups
  • Search, tag, add meta data to assets
  • Theme the install (look and feel is very important to me)
  • Archiving
  • Auto thumbnail generation
  • Reporting

I will report back next week and let you know how it goes!