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The last few days have been pretty busy in the web browser world.

  • The big news: Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7.0. I downloaded it, installed it and was pleasantly surprised. Finally Microsoft is making text look good with anti-aliasing. (One of my biggest pet peeves with Windows in general). After taking a quick look at the majority of my sites, only a few small tweaks are needed, then again, I am not one for using a lot of CSS hacks. Good effort MS.
  • Slightly lesser big news: FireFox 2 is now available for your platform of choice. I have spent a few hours playing around with it and so far I really like the improvements…cleaner interface, RSS, session restore, etc. Great work FF developers!
  • Last but not least…Opera introduced it’s mobile browser for both the Treo and the Blackberry. I am excited I have some options now.

All in all it has been a very exciting week for me. I love the challenge of making things work in multiple browsers on multiple platforms, and this week…you cannot ask for much more. New browsers introduce new problems and more importantly – new solutions.
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