On Retiring “The Machine”


Today marks a sad day. My faithful Apple Blue and White G3 350 is moving off the desk and in to the display. I have had it on my desk since early 1999.

I ordered it on January 6th, 1999 after seeing the keynote at Penn State. I was so impressed with this computer when it came out I could barely wait to get it in the mail. I carried the CPU and new Apple 17″ Studio Display from my apartment complex’s office to my apartment, all sweated wet. I took it out of the box, called and hen picked up my best friend Ken, and then was all smiles for the next few years because of this computer. This computer replaced my Apple Power Mac 6500.

I was in awe with it’s 16mb graphics card and spent many hours playing Diablo, Quake III Arena, and Unreal Tournament on it.

I have often debated on whether to throw Darwin on it to run some sort of server in my house, but at this point, I just do not see an immediate need. So, like all my other computers before it, it is off to the display in my office, where I showcase my prize computers.

Out of all of my computers, this one has to be my favorite, and by far the biggest workhorse of them all, and for that…thanks for being a great computer! Time to give my Apple G4 Cube some space while making room for a G5!

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