lots of attachments.


Well. It does not take much to amuse me. Awhile back I wrote about “fun with email attachments” but obviously there is more fun to have. Last night I received an email from someone – who will remain nameless – that had 87 attachments. Yes 87. Eighty-seven. Time for a web site where this person can upload these attachments and just send a link. For fun/proof, check out the images.


4 thoughts on “lots of attachments.”

  1. jenz

    I figured you might have received it too. I appreciated the thought behind it, but it is time for a blog for someone 😉

  2. Doug

    That has to be a record. What were they, text files? I can’t imagine 87 files being small enough to make it past an u/l or d/l limit. That is what happened last time I tried to email you 87 pictures of me.

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