GarageBand Revisited


After showing my mother that she could be a Motown musician by using Apple’s GarageBand on her iBook two weeks ago I thought I should take another look at Apple’s cool software too. I have to say, out of the box, GarageBand is very fun and you can really make some cool music, even without owning an instrument. I listen to a lot of electronica so playing with the loops and such is a lot of fun for me. I also use some guitar loops that I transposed. Even if you do not know much about music, GarageBand is a cool application that almost anyone can sit down and create music with. I plan to share some of my homemade tunes in the near future. Just call me DJ Shortfuse. Anyone who has a Mac (I have used it in on my G3 B&W) that has some RAM and hardrive space…and of course an interest in music, check it out!

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