A Day of Birthdays


A quick post to wish my youngest cat – Salsa – a happy birthday (and the iMac) I have been swamped the last few days but think I have figured out how to properly set up MediaWiki to use user permissions without having to hack something together. Now to get some time together to implement it. 😉

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Camp Greyhound Summer 2006

For the last two weeks, Amy and I have been dog sitting two amazing greyhounds: Wish and Gopher. I thought I would share some cute/fun pictures of them, plus our dog Triscuit. Having three large dogs in the house has been hectic (all three taking a walk at the same time in an area with […]


Blackberry 8700

After much research and some procrastination, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a Blackberry 8700. I have been using it for three days now and it is by far much nicer than I ever expected. I thought I would miss my Treo 600, but really I only miss my Rocket Mania game. First […]