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There are countless times when I find something helpful, bookmark it (or not) then forget about it, or what I did when I am faced with the same thing later. I am going to keep track of all cool technical resources here, mostly relating to Web Developement, Mac OS X, and UNIX/LINUX.

lightweight CSS/javascript drop down menus

Finally an easy to use and cross platform/browser lightweight solution for drop down menus. This is by far the best way to do drop down menus that I have found. If you are looking to implement drop down menus, look no farther!

bullet proof rounded corners (CSS)

Rounded corners. As a CSS designer, you are going to want rounded corners sometime or another…and I found a great resource that discusses how to create them using CSS. I also found another great article for PhotoShop users discussing how to create graphics with rounded corners.

safari books online (O’Reilly)

If you are like me and wish you could fill your bookcases at home with all the O’Reilly books, take a look at safari books online. Not only can you access several books about the technologies you are interested in, you can search for content or code, saving you time…all from a web browser.

practical php programming

If you are a beginner or a seasoned programmer, practical php programming is a great resource. I have not finished going through all of it yet, but so far I have learned a lot. The book is easy to read and is enjoyable.

web development cheat sheets

version control with subversion

If you work on a projects and need/want to use version control system, check out the on-line book Version Control with Subversion. More information on Subversion as well as client/server packages is available at CollabNet’s Subversion section.

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