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For a number of years (even before Mac OS 9) I have been accustomed to every morning going to my browser of choice, and loading up several web sites that I commonly go to: my webmail,, macdevcenter, macnn, macosxhints, php architect, taoofthemac, and cnn. In Mac OS 9, I used a nice AppleScript to load up my favorite web pages every morning right before I got to work. With the introduction of tabbed browsing, I was able to load all pages with one click.

Now with Safari RSS, I am in heaven. I was able to organize all my favorite sites’ RSS feeds into a few bookmark folders (organized) and now as I use Safari to browse web sites. Now, I do not have to browse web sites and try and figure out if anything is new, Safari RSS will automatically let me know (you can specify how many minutes Safari RSS checks the feeds) when there is something new on my favorite web sites.

I cannot tell you the last time I actually browsed Version Tracker. I simply look at the RSS feed as it is updated. Same with CNN, and most of my other favorite sites. My question…where is this heading. I spend tons of time and effort on making my web site different and interesting, interface-wise. If people are going to just view web sites like I am, using an RSS reader, what does this mean for design? This is why I love doing what I do (working with technology)…you are constantly on your toes to make sense of new trends in technology, finding solutions for these trends, and then getting ready for brand new trends/solutions! The ability to change and adapt is pretty exciting for me and I think is the reason I find myself doing what I do now.

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