My Favorite Thing About the Olympics


When it is time for the Olympics – I end up getting sucked into watching all kinds of sports that I never would think about even enjoying (ice skating, track and field, swimming, etc) and I keep thinking – what is it about these sports that draws me in from “eh…to a heart racing suspense finish.” Normally the last thing I want to watch on TV is figure skating. After about two minutes into the Olympics opening ceremony, I figured out what it is that draws me in – the stories….and everyone seems to have one. The stories make me want these athletes to win regardless of what sport they are participating in. As soon as Bob Costas starts in on a story – I am hooked and all the sudden I want to watch figure skating and care about synchronize diving. I love it an I am so excited the Olympics are on now.

For some Olympic memorable moments, check out: The 5 Most Chill-Inducing Olympic Moments

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