Random Fridays: Chicago 2016 No More

Well – after three years of waiting/planning for this day and 70 million dollars spent…Chicago got out in the first round of voting for the 2016 Olympic location. I am completely stunned we got knocked out and during the first round at that. I had it all planned too…all my construction friends would have plenty of work, my family and friends would fly in for the big event, my son Evan would be 10 and actually be able to appreciate them, and so on.

Chicago is a fantastic town with all kinds of gems that people who have never been here don’t have any clue about and it is a bit sad to me that the world will not see our city for what it really is (our lakefront, great neighborhoods, amazing food, nice people, clean streets, world class architecture, etc).

Perhaps it was not meant to be, but man…I was really looking forward to it!

Random Fridays: Olympics in Chicago?

I have been anxiously awaiting the news of whether or not Chicago will get the 2016 games and it looks like some others are getting antsy as well. The Chicago Tribune put out an article “Chicago awards contract to clear Olympics site” today that makes me even more hopeful. Of course there are plenty of rumors going around, but this makes it sound a bit more promising!

So many people have little or no expectations for our great city and I would love for the world to see what all we have to offer. We have an amazing (perhaps great) lake, an unforgettable skyline, some of the nicest people, and some pretty interesting history.

Sure the traffic will be out of control and it will be a bit overwhelming, but the excitement, jobs, and the opportunity to see some events in your own city would be amazing.

Let’s just hope we get some good news in October!

My Favorite Thing About the Olympics

When it is time for the Olympics – I end up getting sucked into watching all kinds of sports that I never would think about even enjoying (ice skating, track and field, swimming, etc) and I keep thinking – what is it about these sports that draws me in from “eh…to a heart racing suspense finish.” Normally the last thing I want to watch on TV is figure skating. After about two minutes into the Olympics opening ceremony, I figured out what it is that draws me in – the stories….and everyone seems to have one. The stories make me want these athletes to win regardless of what sport they are participating in. As soon as Bob Costas starts in on a story – I am hooked and all the sudden I want to watch figure skating and care about synchronize diving. I love it an I am so excited the Olympics are on now.

For some Olympic memorable moments, check out: The 5 Most Chill-Inducing Olympic Moments

chicago 2016?

Chicago 2016

The city of Chicago is trying to bring the Olympics to our wonderful city in 2016. Yesterday, our mayor unveiled the “Chicago 2016” logo, which I think is awesome. In typical Chicago fashion, the logo contains a reference to our amazing skyline.

Now that I think about it a little bit, it is a little interesting that they used our buildings/skyline in the flame part of the logo since we had a little fire here a few years ago. Sort of ironic/iconic. I like the logo even more now! Great work Chicago! I can only hope we actually get the games here so we can finally show the world how amazing our city is and everything it has to offer.

On another note, go Penn State and the Chicago Bears this weekend. Penn State is playing Michigan…which is always a tough game. On the Bears front, they are undefeated and actually a joy to watch…unlike the last few years of much armchair quarterbacking from me ;).

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my other valentine: css.

Yeah, A has nothing to worry about, but I will not lie…I spent a good portion of this evening (while A was not here) with my other valentine: CSS. Why? CSS finally, after all these years showed me some love today. I have been cooking up a new CSS layout and the first check/browser check (6 browsers to start off with) not only validated but everything also looked perfect and worked in IE 6 for Windows and IE 5 for Mac. (Time to download IE 7 beta) I am not sure when I will have the layout/design ready for prime time as this is something I am doing “for fun” in between a few other projects. If things work out, I could have something ready by tomorrow or at the latest by next week. Time to spend sometime with A and the Olympics.
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