Media Mondays: PlayStation 3


I had been a huge fan of PlayStation 2 – mostly for games like SoCom II, Grand Theft Auto 3, and Madden football but when PlayStation 3 came out – I thought it was just a tad too expensive for the amount of time I would actually have time to play it.

With the recent price break – I decided to pick one up over the weekend with Madden 2010 and COD 4. While I have not even touched COD 4, Madden 2010 has not disappointed. The graphics and game play are solid and are really impressive.

PlayStation 3 overall is pretty amazing. The slim model has great design and is very quiet. The wireless remotes are gold and the actual user interface is surprisingly nice as well with a ton of options. You can completely customize the way it looks with different themes. You can download movies, games, and game demos as well which is very nice as I like to “try before I buy”. Evan really likes the Wall-E game and it is fun to watch him try and use the controls.

I also picked up the wireless headset which is a big improvement over the long thin corded headset I used with PlayStation 2. I look forward to using it when challenging friends and hopefully finding a good group of people to play with regularly with COD 5.

To wrap it up – PlayStation 3 is a solid console and I am very happy to have the PlayStation remote back in action (compared to the Wii remote). I know I did not mention anything about BlueRay – that is not all that exciting for me – as I am done buying media when it comes to movies. How many versions of the Terminator 2 can one actually own? Personally I have at least 4. Time to move towards downloaded media that will hopefully outlast these media players.

4 thoughts on “Media Mondays: PlayStation 3”

  1. Aaron

    The ps3 will play virtually any media format you throw at it with no transcoding. You should also check out littlebigplanet (diy platfomer), killzone 2 (call o duty in space) and some of the pan games like flower and wipeout.

  2. Butipoopfromthere

    You need to start gaming with kerry and I.. we both own ps3s… also.. if you have a linux server running.. you can install things like mediatomb and stream all your music/videos to your ps3.. it’s really nice…

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