Media Mondays: Madden 2010 for PS3


I have been enjoying Madden 2010 so far on the PS3 – but I cannot seem to figure out how to get an offense together. My defense is solid, but when it comes to offense – if I can score one touchdown – that is pretty darn good.

I am playing with my team – the Denver Broncos – and they are only rated 70 (Pittsburgh is 86+), but how much difference does that really make? Anyone have any tips? Perhaps it is too realistic…as soon as I get down in the red zone, Orton throws an interception at least 75% of the time. Ugh…

On another note, you have to love this new version…you can grab the “legacy pack” which contains old teams, historic uniforms, old fields/stadiums, and even a “classic film grain” effect which makes the whole thing look like it is old. Very slick, and very cool.

Want to play? My PS3 screen name is jappler.

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