Jappler Recommends: Makeshift Wii Fit


I have always thought walking/running on the treadmill was boring. It was ever so slightly more exciting at the gym because you could get some good people watching in – but even that gets boring. The last few days I have decided to kick it up a notch by distracting myself with some Nintendo Wii action.

I was excited to get the Wii Fit when that came out – but sometimes I get bored with that too so I recently decided to put together a makeshift Wii Fit….treadmill + Wii games. Please note – you need to have good focus and balance so this is not for everyone.

I get walking at a decent pace (somewhere between 3.5-4 mph) then start bowling, golfing, and play some tennis. (Bowling and golfing are the easiest to do while walking) When I need to run – I use the Wii to read news and surf to my favorite web sites. Tomorrow I am going to try out walking slower but throwing in some boxing.

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