Stuffing Balls


I have always been a Penn Stater through and through and am known for my loyalty and tradition. If you did not know that – you will know my for my stuffing balls.

I have never been tempted by stuffing from a box or from inside a turkey. In my mind – there is only one way to eat a crunchy ball made from English muffins, onions, celery, and butter.

I always looked forward to holidays when I was younger because it meant I would always see my grandparents and that there would be a wonderful smell in the kitchen of those amazing stuffing balls. Even after I moved out on my own – I have always made these stuffing balls each Thanksgiving and Christmas because the holidays would not feel (or smell) right without them.

The story goes that my grandmother (pictured here) found the recipe in a magazine one day and tried them and have been on our holiday menus ever since. My mother has carried the tradition on, as have I. Each year I talk to people about these stuffing balls, joke about how I should start a food truck for them, make an extra batch for friends, and then give out the recipe so other people can enjoy them as well. While I am happy to share the recipe and make them for so many people – it makes me even happier that a piece of my family history gets passed on to other families because like mentioned before – tradition matters to me.

This year of all years is a reminder of how important traditions are with families and friends because they help bring us together without actually having to be in one space. While it would be great to share this tradition with people in the same room, around the same table – I am able to feel close with my family and friends by just continuing the tradition.

If you are looking for something new this year – this is the recipe for you. The only difference in the recipe below and what I make is I use English muffins instead of corn muffins. I hope you try this recipe and enjoy it for years to come and make it a tradition of your own.

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