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Every once and awhile I will come across a really old web page, that somehow…still exists. I thought I would share my latest finding: one of my American Studies class page that I helped my professor create: Taste, Style, and Class in American Culture.

It is a shame that the “Super Link to Jen’s Page” does not work anymore. I decided for this class that I would submit all my papers via my web pages. The professor was very progressive and loved the idea of having his classwork available on the web…and for 1998 when PSU was just beginning to role out their courseware, it was impressive. Good times!

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optimaztion time.

Well, it has been awhile since I have done any maintenance on and over the last few weeks, I have noticed a bit of a slow down when the pages load. I took some time today to look at the php code, style sheets, templates, etc and have at least tracked down the problem…somewhat. […]



House home. House music. My parents or anyone that knew me prior to 1996 can tell you…I like my music and I like my music loud. (1996? yeah…that is when I was forced to keep my music volume lower because of neighbor complaints). Finally…almost 10 years later I am able to crank the volume up […]