Soldier Field 10 Miler Completed!


Back in October 2023 I set a goal to run 10 miles and signed up for the Soldier Field 10 Miler. Over the past weekend I followed through on my goal and ran the race.

Last weekend I ran/finished the Chicago Spring 1/2 marathon which was a bonus achievement but the 10 mile run was always the focus and the goal. Back in October, 10 miles sounded like a lot and I decided to make it my spring fitness goal. I wrote it down, talked to one of my running idols (Susie Chan), and set out a plan to get it done.

Race day

You might think after running 13.1 miles the week before that this race would have been easy. It was not. I could not sleep the night before, was nervous, and ran into some IT band issues around mile 7. Regardless – the race ended up being enjoyable as I ran it to honor our soldiers and to prove hard work pays off.

In my ears

Unlike my other long runs and 1/2 marathon, I decided to listen to my favorite trainers to get me through. I started with Susie Chan as she was my inspiration for this race and puts together some of the best playlists I have ever come across. Just when I need some jungle music or some Chemical Brothers – she has it at the exact right time. Matt Wilders got me through the next part of the race with his relaxing demeanor and focus on form. Robin Arzon brought it home with her ability to pull me out of any funk, any time.

A huge thanks to all that supported me during the last few months!


I am not sure what is next on the agenda but this is a reminder that you can push yourself tomorrow further than you think is possible today.

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