the joys of hotels.

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I travel pretty frequently. Not everyone does travel a lot, so I can understand that certain travel specific hassles and the likes would not bother people like it bothers me. Yet, I also drink a lot of water (and Coke (not Pepsi)) so I often have to go to the bathroom. Regardless of how much you drink, everyone has to go to the bathroom sooner or later and often several times a day. My point? How many hotels do I have to stay in where the toilet paper dispenser is out of reach? Who thinks that it would be ok to have to contort your whole body just to get a ply? (which ends up to be about two feet because it is so far away) I cannot think of the last hotel I was at (and I usually stay at high end hotels) where the toiler paper placement made sense. It is either way behind you nearly on the floor (like my current hotel) or perhaps on the other side of the room. My point? Where are all these so called designers when such a simple placement decision is needed? They have no excuses because everyone goes to the bathroom. It is the simple things that could easily be fixed that really drive me crazy. (Think back to one of my first postings, along with other random thoughts I have shared.) My life thesis: take a few minutes out of life to take care of the simple things. If you start with taking care of the simple things eventually the big picture questions appear not so big at all because really, they are just a lot of simple things combined.

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