Random Fridays: Too Much Stuff

Serenity Now!

I am not sure what happened – but lately I feel like I am surrounded by way too much stuff. I recently went through the garage and cleaned it out, went through my office and threw away tons of phone cords, ethernet cables, triplicate serial cables for old Macs, and this weekend – it is the basement.

Our basement is the landing place for “I do not know where to put it” or “stuff I need to go through later”. You can find my huge Trent Reznor posters from college, notes from middle school – yeah, I still have some, college notebooks, PS2 games, and that dart board I “just had to have”.

I am not sure if I am overwhelmed because I do not regularly go through my stuff – or if it just seems like more now that I have a kid that also seems to have a lot of stuff too…but this weekend I am hoping to go through a bunch of old stuff, bag it up, and ship it over to Good Will.

How do others manage their “stuff”? Do you clean out annually, or more frequently? I also need a sign that says “no more nick-nacks – regardless of how much you thought of me when you saw it. 😉

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