perfume is a side, not the main course.

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The county tax office, when the deadline for taxes is a few days away, is like the DMV on a good day. Tons of people, no organization, and weird smells. As I was filling out the paperwork for my exemption, a woman sat down next to me. You know the type…no sense of personal space when it comes to your sense of smell. My goodness…what is it about really bad perfume and some people? Who can possibly think that this perfume smells good, and then who in that bunch decided it was ok to bath themselves in this olfactory nightmare? What company makes this (and why)? Of course there is no escaping this smell…especially when you are jammed in a room with a bunch of people who are not thrilled about being there. On a slightly better note, I did have the plasure of seeing some diversity…you know, the woman with the feathered mullet, next to the wealthy woman with her Chanel glasses, handbag, earings, and necklace on. I enjoy diversity.

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Content Management, Rethought

After reading a few messages from my php mailing list, I again stopped to think about a content management system. Plone is amazing, but unless you have access to your own server, or have a host that supports Zope/Plone, you need something else to work with. I was intrigued by XOOPS until I went to […]


Home Owner’s Tax Exemption

After talking to one of my more resourceful co-workers, I found out that our county offers a nice tax exemption for home owners…but you need to sign up to get this tax break…in person at the county tax office. I am not sure how common this is around the country, but it is definitely something […]