Levels of Attire for a Consultant that Works at Home

Serenity Now! Standards

After working at home for over a year now – my spectrum of “dressing up” has so many new levels – here is my personal dressiness hierarchy:

  1. The bottom: No shower – wearing pajamas
  2. Errands/average day: Shower – warmup pants, or shorts, with flip flops with a t-shirt
  3. More dressed up: Shower – nice shorts, golf shirt, flip flops
  4. Even more dressed up: Shower – nice shorts, golf shirt, sandals
  5. An outing: Shower – jeans, nice golf shirt or t-shirt, sandals
  6. Another outing: Shower – jeans, nice golf shirt, shoes
  7. An occasion: Shower – nice pants, nice golf shirt, shoes
  8. An event: Shower – a suit, heels

Why do I even mention this? The other day I had to just laugh at myself because I actually thought that “if I put sandals on instead of my flip flops – that might looks bettter..” Fun times.

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