blogging causes breakup!

Serenity Now!

Well well…web 2.0 unexpectedly comes to life in my social circle. What? Someone that I know broke up with her boyfriend after “he wrote nasty things about her on his blog.” The blog changes everything! TMI everyhere! Back when I was younger I used to pass notes on a daily basis to close friends and boyfriends. Now, more than ever, kids/young adults are using the internet, and more specifically, web sites like to freely express what is going on in their lives.

This “blogging causes breakup” is very interesting to me because this is the first time I have ever heard about something like this, and the fact that it happened to someone that is close to me makes it even more interesting. There is both humor and a lesson in this. The humor…come on…a breakup over blogging. This makes me realize blogs are like a version of the no-names’ “tabloids” in some aspects. Common peoples’ breakups and makeups are now being publically recorded in a new medium…that I can subscribe to using RSS!

The lesson…if you can control your web site with meta tags and/or the robots.txt file…DO SO! If you cannot control your meta tags and robots.txt file…make sure you think twice before you post something. Not only will your family/friends read what you write, but so will your employer and future employer ;). Basically…do not write or share something that you do not want everyone to write.

This posting made me realize…I needed to register a new domain name…a cousin of Why? Definitition for invasive: Tending to intrude or encroach, as upon privacy.

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4 thoughts on “blogging causes breakup!”

  1. Fred Muller

    I cannot believe that I am sitting in class at GCU with my 6 students quietly working in FrontPage and I am reading exactly what we just talked about. We were talking about educating students and watching exactly what they are posting – when in school. We talked specifically about MySpace!

    I must share your thoughts with them!!

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