Relaxation, Finally!


After a long few months of long days and long nights filled with work, I finally took some time to just relax tonight (and get some SoCom 3 in). Earlier this morning (530am) I had finished up a big project Ken (happy birthday Ken!) and I were working on for a few weeks.

Next on my agenda? A lot, but I am hoping for a quite weekend or two before I have to rev up again for my next big project. My kittens are not happy with me lately and I am pretty sure it is because I have been working non-stop, so they need some quality time.

I have also promised Doug I would do a WordPress blog entry talking about everything I use, so that will be coming soon. Anyone that is interested in blogging…this will be good for you. Hopefully Steve will give us some good stuff tomorrow at MacWorld!

2 thoughts on “Relaxation, Finally!”

  1. Doug

    Gimme gimme gimme! I finally have all my posts straigtened out, and all my images in one folder….time to mod ‘er out!

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