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Politics Standards

I bet all Americans (well all Americans that do not want to see the same fiasco as “Operation Brother Jeb: 2000”) feel relieved to hear we now have a plan to hold elections, even if under attack, during the upcoming November election. Perhaps we were fooled by Operation Brother Jeb: 2000 in the 2000 election, but I bet you Bush and friends would love to get in office again with another shenanigan like “Operation No One Changes Presidents During War Times, So Bring it on Right Before the Elections.” A “conflict” or an “attack” right before the elections would likely make it possible for a recount, miscount, hero status, or anything else that Bush’s friends could do to get W in office again, so what will it be this time? Perhaps Bin Laden will be “captured” a week before the elections, what are the chances? Hmm…

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Politics Standards

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