the garden state.


New Jersey…home of Continental’s hub, a handful of people that I love, and a lot of trash.

Growing up in New York, my classmates and I read about the dirty needles on the NJ beaches in our Weekly Readers and never imagined wanting to spend any time there. In college, all I heard was “are you going to the shore for the summer?” and was equally intrigued on why people would ever want to go to NJ or go to there for a “beach” experience.

Are people not aware of our beautiful beaches in North Carolina and south of there? (Sorry, I just like shells on my beaches, not needles) Anyways, I was in NJ for a wedding last week and had the opportunity of seeing some of NJ’s claim to fame: northern NJ. I must say there are some beautiful areas of NJ (happy A?) but I thought I would share a nice picture, and a wonderful sign/web site (I thought this should/would be covered in the federal program).

Glad to know we are spending thousands on web sites and signs in NJ when they should consider paying someone minimum wage to clean up the “garden state”.

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