Meet Jack!


We found a newly retired relative of Colby and decided we wanted to meet him. Little did we know we ended up bringing him home the same day! He is a week off the track and so we have to spend some extra time with him teaching him about windows, doors, reflections, stairs, etc.

Jack (as in the color of Jack Daniel’s whiskey) is young – only two – and we will get more of his story in the next week or so. He was so new to the rescue we came home without much information other than his pedigree.


For his life so far – he has only known a crate as a home and never had so much free room like in our house. He spent most of last night wandering from room to room not knowing what to do. He is great on a leash, likes the kids, plays with toys, and is doing a great job with his big transition to retirement. I had to literally place him on his bed – as he did not even know what it was. (He chose the hardwood next to the bed for his place to lay down before I put him on his bed and forced him to lay down.) Rescuing a greyhound and teaching them life after racing can be challenging, but also very rewarding! We look forward to having him as a part of our family!

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