Do Something Great Today


I am a big believer in doing something great every day. Doing something great does not have to be something huge, it could be something as small as reaching out to someone you have not heard from recently, helping someone at the store, giving your absolute best in your workout, or simply completing any task with 100% effort. Yesterday for me, doing something great was putting together a killer music playlist.

Where it starts…

Even putting together a music playlist goes from ok (just selecting random in your music) to great by putting in some time/effort to curate something. It always starts with effort. For me – whether at my desk, in the garden, with my boxing gloves on, or even with my sewing machine, I strive for greatness because I have no patience for mediocracy.

After many years, I finally understand the saying: “actions speak louder than words” and try to live by it every day. It has become clear that while it is nice to talk about doing something you will ultimately be remembered for what you did more-so than what you said you would do. As a parent it is easy see your kids looking at you for an example to follow.

Where things fail…

In a world where we are pulled in so many directions, sometimes doing something great comes down to being able to focus on one thing at a time by being truly present. While our true greatness comes from being 100% present, our greatness soon turns into mediocracy by trying to do too many things at one time.

Where we can find examples…

Look at the best actor/athlete/any role model. In all their greatness, do you see them doing more than one thing at a time? Do you see the leader of the Tour de France checking their email while going downhill? Do you see your favorite actor posting photos while giving a performance? Do you see the fire fighter talking on the phone as they try to put out the fire? No. There is a reason…in order to do what they are great at, they have to 100% present.

Make a difference…

Be great by giving your best effort.
Be great by setting a positive example.
Be great by being present.

Regardless of what you choose to do today, realize you have a choice and you can make a big difference in someone’s life.

PS – here is my killer playlist:

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