Chicago Metra Riders In the Summer


Well, it is getting to be that time of the year when kids are out of school and the wonderful stay at home mothers, teachers, and vacationers, as wonderful as they are, decide to bring little Johnny, Judy, and their two strollers downtown to enjoy the city of Chicago. For all of us regular commuters, the summer is hell. Not only do we have to deal with the fact that they are coming downtown to enjoy the day while we are stuck in our dtuffy offices wasting time until 5pm (or whatever your core hours may be), we also have the additional headache of screaming kids, gigantic strollers, wondering kids that want to be on the second level of the Metra, and parents who are not aware of their voice level when talking on cell phones about setting up the next “fun day downtown.” For all of you with kids, please try and have some respect for others when you take the Metra (aka, do not squish two of your small children in with me on my two person seat, and yes I mind being boxed in with your stroller too). Enjoy.

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