Being Authentic


We choose where we put our energy. Where are you putting it?

A few years ago I took this photo of the woman who chose to cross the street from the lefthand turning lane vs. the sidewalk. At the time, I got such a kick out of it. She put herself in front of me and other cars – just waiting there like it was exactly as it should…cane and all.

Years later – I look back on the photo with a different perspective and much respect. I realized the woman in the photo decided she was going to do what she wanted, where she wanted, and did not worry about anything else. That is an impressive feat we can all learn from.

Much like @RobinNYC says:

“There comes a point when holding on to the old you is more energy than creating the new you.”

Instead of wasting the energy worrying about or pleasing others, spend it on being your true self.

Even though I never met or talked to the woman in the photo – she made a lasting impact on me. Stop living to please others and start living the life you want to have. You will be surprised at how much more energy you have…and how much more positive energy you have to share.

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