How to Quiet Sales Reps

Apple Business HOWTOs Serenity Now! got my contact information a few weeks ago and have been hounding me every other day after answering their three initial questions:

  1. How much does your company spend on postage a year? My response: I think I buy maybe 3-4 books of stamps.
  2. How much do you spend on shipping packages? My response: I have never sent a package.
  3. Do you wish you did not have to go to the post office to save time? My response: Yes.

From that, I got: “Well we have a great solution for all your postage needs. Our package starts out at $191 a year…” I laughed and said thanks.

Since then, it has been “Let me send you information…” “Have you tried our software yet…?” I always say no, and that I have not had time yet, and do not have time now. Someone called me today and told me they would “download software onto my computer for me right now – it will only take a few minutes” Not that it is impossible to download software on a remote computer…but she definitely did not have a clue about the terminology she was throwing around. Personally, she sounded a little drunk and as soon as I told her I had a Mac, she said “oh, have a nice day”.

Moral of the story – sometimes having a Mac that does not run software is not a disadvantage.

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