A few months ago I read about Open DNS and thought “wow, I should really check that out” but then I never did. Finally I revisited it tonight, updated my router with the Open DNS servers, and wow – I can see a big difference in speed…and I am not over exaggerating. Doug – try this now. Ken – try this now (even though I know you won’t). Perhaps Dad M should also try this too. Not only is it super fast it also corrects common spelling mistakes on the fly. jappler.vom = To make it even better – it is free and you do not have to create any sort of account. Great service!

6 thoughts on “OpenDNS”

  1. Doug Blatti

    Done. If even for nothing else for the common spelling mistakes. I have been thinking about writing a firefox extension for that. No more! Awesome find.

  2. jenz

    I am not sure why this is not getting more press…although the average user cannot even grasp the idea of DNS so maybe that is why you have not heard about out. Definitely pass the word along!

  3. Doug Blatti

    Now you need to find a way to use my internal DNS server for only internal sites, and go to open DNS for the rest. If I put Open DNS as my primary, I cannot resolve internal stuff. If I put my DNS server as the primary, I have to wait for the slow resolution of most names. Maybe we need to look a new DNS model in regards to the internets. So when my computer tries to resolve a name, all my DNS servers are polled. The first to respond will get to load its result into the browser, while the other DNS servers load their resulting page(s) (if different) into cache. Then if you see something you don’t like, you can flip a switch (or the like) and go to the other result(s). Make it happen!

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