New OS: Reminder to Clean Up


If you use a Mac, it is that time again – time to update to the latest OS (this time called “Yosemite”). While most people get excited about new features, improved performance, etc – I get excited to do my annual cleaning. Before any major updates – I spend time deleting files and apps that just waste space (and you should too).

I go through and delete:

  • those photos that were blurry and just never trashed
  • apps I never use (and their preferences)
  • duplicate media files
  • outdated installers
  • downloads that I no longer use
  • old backups that I no longer need
  • email (you do not really need most of it)

By removing all your unwanted files on a regular basis – you will save room on your hardrive, backups, and not allow your stuff to become unmanageable. Like with everything else – keep it simple and focus on what counts the most.

* As usual, make sure you have a good backup before you delete anything

2 thoughts on “New OS: Reminder to Clean Up”

  1. Fred

    You answered one of my questions.
    Let me know if anything strange I should know before I get home and do it next week.

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