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Hints UNIX

While I am taking my UNIX/LINUX Systems Administration training, I pick up cool UNIX tidbits and it is time to share some more of my latest tidbits. (First installment)
Random commands and information I have jotted down:

  • When compiling something from source code, I used to always use: ./configure then make then make install, but I learned you can combine commands so you can use: ./configure; make together in one statement while compiling source code.
  • Daemon stands for Disk And Execution MONitor
  • Sometimes we don’t want to remove an account, but we need to disable it temporarily. A common way of doing this is by adding a star (*) to the beginning of their encrypted password in /etc/shadow using a text editor.
  • The command host -v www will show the server address and DNS servers for
  • The command kill -HUP on the process ID to kill the process and restart it.

That is it for now, more to come soon.

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