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Finally…I finished up my last two Perl projects, and now am officially certified by the University of Illinois and O’Reilly as a Linux/UNIX Administrator. A big thanks to Ben for putting up with me and my frustration with Perl…which I kind of like now 😉 .
A few UNIX hints for today:

  • Did you ever want to know how much free disk space you have on your *NIX server/desktop? Use the command df. I usually use df -h to get a more friendly output.
  • Perhaps you want to display disk usage statistics. Use the command du. I use the command du -h to once again get a more friendly output. * -c will show you the total disk space used, while another favorite of mine: du -d [0-9] (ex. du -d 1 to see disk space used one directory level in). This is helpful if you do not want to see all your directories listed.
  • Read the man pages!

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