Quarantine Boxing Continues…

Boxing Workouts

Warm Up
1) 50 Jumping Jacks
2) 40 Mt. Climbers
3) 30 lunges
4) 20 squats
5) 10 pushups

3 minute boxing rounds
45 second exercise between each boxing round
15 second break

Round 1:
First Minute: 1-1-2
Second Minute: Add step forward-1-2
Break exercise: jumping jacks

Round 2:
First Minute: 1-2-5-2
Second Minute: Add step backwards-1
Break exercise: situps

Round 3:
First Minute: 1-4-3-2
Second Minute: Add slip right-2-3
Break exercise: lunges (forward/back)

Round 4:
All minutes: 30/30/30 (speed/technique/power)
Break exercise: plie squats

Round 5:
First Minute: 1-3-2-4
Second Minute: Add slip right-slip left-duck right-2
Break exercise: jumping jacks

Round 6:
First Minute: 1-2-3-2
Second Minute: Add overhand right-1 (jab out)
Break exercise: plank

Round 7:
All minutes: non-stop punches
Break exercise: lunges (lateral)

Round 8:
All minutes: knee-kick-squat
Break exercise: heal touches

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