jen uses a mighty mouse.


Well, I finally had a reason to go out and pick up a new mouse this past weekend…and I bought a Mighty Mouse. People who know me will tell you that I have stuck by Apple and have used a single button mouse my entire life, until now. I have not programmed the other buttons on th Mighty Mouse, or really have any plans to in the near future…what I am excited about is the scroll ball/wheel thing. I love being able to scroll web pages with that cool little thing…all while it makes a great little noise. So for those who do not know me…I am a killer with a one button mouse in Quake….look out with me using a multi button mouse (if I ever program the buttons).
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2 thoughts on “jen uses a mighty mouse.”

  1. Doug

    Nice! Welcome to the new millenium. Also, I like the new graphics on your posts. Just as I was about to complain how I couldn’t see the number of comments before viewing the full post, you go and fix it. Thanks for reading my mind. Satan.

  2. jenz

    Yes, I specialize in mind reading too. Yeah, to your pleasure, more graphics on the way!

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